Solution To The Eternal Question Of What Men Want

men-want That’s a really brave attempt I am attempting here. Earlier it was ‘what women want?’ and now it has transitioned into ‘what men want?’ Men are no more the “simple” creatures women took pride to understand. They have evolved. They have become modern and with it come the trial of a modern man.

It is difficult to pin point what men exactly look for in a relationship. Why the ‘girlfriend’ state does not materialize to the ‘wife’ state? Why they get provoked by independent women?

1. Feminine And Masculine – Men want women who can be both assertive and supportive. From the core of their hearts, they desire a fulfilling relationship completely based on trust, honesty and faithfulness. Love is the most important agenda. Men desire women who are independent too; not the clingy types always relying on the shoulder of their lover. Secretly, men like women who are decisive and intelligent; men just do not show it. Don’t blame them girls. They are wired that way.

2. Attraction And Compatibility – The initial attraction goes a long way to keep the relationship. He is attracted that is why he is with you. Then comes in the compatibility factor. Men want to relate to women, share jokes with them and enjoy their time. Communication plays a major role here. From women, they want support and companionship and not someone domineering and who tries to change a man.

We all have heard that men fear commitment. But it is also true that there are many men who are happily married in the real sense of the term. It is just that men want to be doubly sure to know what they are getting into.

3. Sexuality – To say men only think about sex is an understatement; don’t women think o f sex but that does not mean they are all perverts. Sex is a much important part of a couple’s life. It brings us closer as one and fills us with a feeling of ecstasy. Men desire sexually compatible partner.

Sex is just one of the corner stone for a fulfilling relation. With maturity there comes deeper understanding, spirituality and affection wherein certain men move beyond the sex factor and instead revel in their partner’s company because it is more cherished.

Just as for women, all the behaviour and actions depend on the psyche. If a woman can unravel that, I bet they would be the happiest couple ever.

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