Small things to remember in a relationship

rela Ask as many questions as possible. Don’t assume anything. Your assumption may be wrong and you may end up doing a thing which your partner absolutely does not like.

Treat your partner exactly in the same way you want to be treated. If you want your partner to be loving, caring, affectionate, gentle and kind to you, then be exactly the same way to her/him.

When there is an argument in the family, if she/he becomes emotional and speaks what should not be spoken and apologizes later, don’t keep dragging this throughout your life. Live and let live should always be the policy.

Trust is very important in any relationship. So before your partner gets to know something about you through others, be the first one to say the truth. If there is an issue, try to sort out sitting with your partner itself. Go to her/him always with a solution. She/he will think you are smart, if you have already planned for a solution.

Don’t repeatedly say no. If you are saying no to 9 things be sure to tell a yes on the 10th thing at least. Negativity about anything may destroy the relationship.

Proper communication is very important in any relationship. If you are angry on something and you stop communicating then your partner will surely assume thousand things and start acting on it. So whatever is the situation communicate well with your partner in a good way.

Avoid flirting with others when you are already into a relationship. If you flirt this may hamper the beautiful relationship which you already have.

If you are thinking of marrying your partner or already married, don’t crib on all the bads your partner has. Instead praise her/him for her/his good qualities.

Express your love in which ever way you can. Not necessary that it has to be a gift only. A soft touch also can serve your purpose. Be sure to be expressive.

Always remember one thing; nobody is perfect on this earth. Not you, not your partner, nobody. If your partner does mistakes, you also do mistakes. Forgive and forget should always be your policy in life.

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