Should you marry your girlfriend?

marry-your-girlfriend2 Its often that we want that our girl friend becomes our life partner. How can we decide that the girl with whom you would like to live your life is your girlfriend. We need to understand a few things before we can decide that one should marry one’s girlfriend.

Interest and hobbies– Try to see that whether you and your girl friend have very similar interest and likings. Are you a party lover and your girl friend is a party hater? How much your food habits match with your girl friend? Do you like to read books but she doesn’t like it? She likes to socialize but you want to live aloof? All the above are the parameters on which you can judge whether you should marry your girl friend or not. If there is too much of difference than its advisable that you should not go ahead with marriage with your girl friend. Its also not mandatory that your hobbies and interests exactly matches with your girl friend but its desirable that it matches to some extent.

Do you love your girl friend?– Are you in love with your girl friend or simply you are having a good time with her. If earlier is the case then you may go ahead with marrying your girl friend.

Financial similarities– Its also desirable that both of you should belong to the similar class as far as money matters are concerned. If the difference is too much then its a possibility that your marriage will not work out.

Future plans– If your future plans matches with your girl friend’s then its great. You will have a lot of things to share with each other. In fact both of you can help each ther in realising the career goals of each other. If this is the case then its advisable that you should marry your girlfriend.

Level of understanding– There should be a great level of understanding between both of you and there should be an inherent respect for each other before friendship converts into marriage.

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