Should You have Sex on the first Date?

sexatfirstdate Your girl may not sleep with you on your first date. This does not mean that she will never sleep with you. Most women do not get excited to the extent to enjoy sexual pleasures at the same time. The time taken by women varies; some may just take a few hours, while others days or even months before they trust you enough to allow them to get closer to you. This is the reason you will need to learn and adjust your technique with every other women.

Not all women will sleep with their first date. If they do, make sure to use protection. And when it comes to seducing them, men always run out of patience. Patience is the key factor here. In recent times, you will find most men running behind women with roses on the first date and propose to them on the third date.

While some men may ignore the technique of flowers and get a condom for their first date, it is very important to be patient as patience is the key factor when it comes to women. Most men think that they should hurry with everything and that includes sex as well. Men should never force a woman into such an obligation. This can only lead to negative results as you may come across as a person lacking confidence and security. The second reason if you push too hard, the girl may think you are interested in her only for sex.

If this thought crosses her mind, you will lose the battle completely. Trust is one factor that is very hard to gain but very easy to lose. Here the trick is to make her feel that sex is not the only thing on your mind even if it is the only thing on your mind.

So, how do you gain her trust? In order to attain a woman’s trust, he needs to do a little bit of investment initially. A man is always unable to express his interest in sleeping with a woman from the word go. On the other hand, as soon as he senses that the woman is uncomfortable, he should discontinue any kind of sexual activity. This way she will realize that sex is not the only thing on your mind.

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