Shaping eyebrows

eyebrows1 Shaping eyebrows are beauty treatments not only for women. Men too need to trim over grown hair on their eyebrows. For men eyebrows should be thick and heavy and centre should be clean.  For women, eyebrows should be thinner with a well defined shape.

Eyebrows are normally shaped at an angle of 45 degree. The eyebrows can be shaped in different styles:


The sweeping shape generally suits all types of faces. It gives a wider scope for trying different styles in eye make-up. It also creates an illusion of large open eyes. This style is used to balance a wide mouth or a large nose. It also provides width to triangular faces.


Angular eyebrow portrays elegance but stern look. This style can make a chubby round face more interesting.


Round eyebrows look good for people with big eyes or a large forehead. In this style eyebrows are shaped on the line of the frontal bone following the shape of eye. As the styling flows along the natural line, this eyebrow gives an innocent look.

Some things to be considered while shaping

Close-set eyes

If the person’s eyes are set close to each other, the look can be changed by widening distance at the centre of the eyebrows. Increase the length at ends of eyebrow to give a balanced look.

Wide-set eyes

If the eyes are set wide apart, they can appear closer if the eyebrows are shaped from inner corner of eyes. It is important to study the characteristics of the face to determine the shape for eyebrows.


Stop the hair from falling on the forehead while shaping the eyebrow to avoid confusion and irritation.

Protect your clothes by placing a towel below the chin

Use a cleansing lotion or milk remove make up or any fine dirt from forehead and eyebrow area

Puff talcum powder to take away greasiness from the brows

Buff the skin with a light puff

Check the hair growth pattern by brushing with an eyebrow brush.

Eyebrows can be shaped by either plucking or threading or waxing them.


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