Sensitive Skin Care Tips

001sensitive-skin People with sensitive skins cannot tolerate certain chemicals or environmental conditions. If your skin is sensitive, rashes and irritations might erupt, when your skin is exposed to certain chemicals, heat or sun.

Sensitive skin symptoms
Detecting a sensitive skin is not always an easy task. Sensitive skins generally have fine texture with fine pores. The common symptoms of sensitive skin are appearance of rashes, irritations, red blotchy patches as a reaction to certain chemicals or weather condition. Severe allergic reactions might result is broken blood vessels with the capillaries becoming visible from under the skin. It is found that people with sensitive skin are generally allergic to cosmetics with heavy fragrance. Heat, sun, temperature changes and wind can trigger adverse reactions in sensitive skins. People with sensitive skins are often susceptible to sunburns.

Sensitive skin care
Sensitive skin needs special care. Choosing the right product, suitable for a sensitive skin is very difficult. It might be through a process of trial and error, that you finally get the product of your choice. Natural or herbal products, although are largely suitable for sensitive skins, can produce adverse reactions. Before choosing a sensitive skin care product or cosmetic, taste the product or a small area of your skin. If it triggers an adverse reaction, do not use the product. If you have sensitive skin, you can use baby products for cleansing and hydrating your skin. These products are free from harsh chemicals, and are therefore suitable for sensitive skins.

Herbal skin care
Certain herbs are good for sensitive skins. Their cleansing and healing properties are good for the health of the skin. You can use cleansers made with natural ingredients, such as jojoba or almond oil. A face mask made out of different fruits, cucumber and yogurt could rejuvenate your skin. Products made from licorice are often good for sensitive skins. To treat irritation, redness and rashes, aloe vera or green tea can be used. People with sensitive skin should also drink plenty of water and have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Fatty foods should be avoided.


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