Rustic Home Decor ideas

rustic-home-decor It is difficult to find the rustic charm amidst the busy city life. However, you can add the ambiance of the countryside in your However, you can add the ambiance of the countryside in your home décor.”>home décor.


Natural colors and earth tones are the colors suitable for rustic interior decoration. The texture of the decorating items should retain their natural appearance. Fine polished home décor items will deprive your room of the much-needed rustic look. Instead, select items with rough and unpolished textures. To get the desired rustic appearance, include unpolished granite or wooden plank flooring in your rooms. Lay hook or braided rugs on the floor.

Rustic Furniture

You can buy cheap rustic furniture from flea shops, or look for the designer pieces from the flashy furniture store. The general characteristic of rustic furniture is that they are made of logs, woods or planks, with lot of texture. The intricately carved wooden furniture is not compatible with rustic home décor theme. Instead, select simple plain pieces that have a natural look.

You can add willow chairs and an oak coffee table in your living room. The furniture should retain their natural tones, with a weathered look. Use pillows and cushions with hand painted designs. Rocking chair, Windsor chair, wicker items, ladder-back chair, rectangular pine dining table are popular rustic furniture pieces. A willow canopy bed with printed cabin bedding is perfect for bedrooms.


On the walls, you can hang wildlife prints or rustic metal wall arts. Display handcrafted objects. Besides displaying some of the books or artifacts on the tables and shelves, use baskets, wooden bowls or metal pots for exhibiting items. Wood blinds, shades, shutters and valances are suitable for windows. For rustic lighting, you can have an open fireplace. You can also hang lanterns, brass candleholders or oil lamps from the ceiling. In your kitchen, use traditional cast iron or copper utensils. You can use stone pots, glass jars or earthenware for storing your cooking ingredients.


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