Psychological Problems in Homosexuality

homosexuality1 What is homosexuality? It is a sexual orientation in which a person feels sexually and romantically inclined to people of the same sex. Human history shows us rejection of homosexuality for centuries; it is only in the last few decades in which homosexuality has been taken seriously- something which is natural and not a disease of the perverted mind.

Boy George, Marie- Claire Blais (French novelist), Elton John and George Michael are some of the famous homosexuals of this century. In countries like Philippines, Sweden and Latin America, a homosexual is not frowned upon.

Homosexuality is a born trait just like being attracted to the opposite sex is. It is not a conscious you make but when the person wants to remain in ‘closet’, that is a conscious choice. It is because of this that they face psychological problems. I enumerate some of them.

Biological: As homosexual traits are inborn, one finds it hard to accept the changes. Society expects us to behave according to the accepted norms/ the conventions. Due to this, the person feels to be in a tug-and-pull situation. The worst thing is when the family refuses to accept their sexual orientation. In some societies, families debar them from having any further relation with them.

Being A Closet Gay: Sometimes gays do not come out in the open for fear of rejection. Therefore, they continue pretending to be ‘normal’. The psychological problem is to deal with such pretension. Once they marry, trouble increases manifold. Being a gay, they don’t want company of the opposite sex but they are too shy to come out in the open. This way other relations suffer too.

Feeling Of Guilt: Homosexuals are often endowed with the feeling of guilt. Since the society to a large extent do not acknowledge the sexual orientation, the feeling of guilt appears because they think what they are, is wrong.

Due to these reasons and many more, homosexuals live in an emotional turmoil most of their life. The cases of depression are rising among them. It has also been found that the number of suicides among gays is six times higher than that of average people (source- Remafedi et al. 1998).

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