Preventing and treating discoloration of Teeth

teeth-disc1 White teeth play important role in giving you a bright smile. However teeth get discolored and pale due to lack of care.  But you can always revive that sparkling glow in your teeth by using just simple homemade recipes.  First let us see what the common cause of discoloration of teeth is.

Causes of discoloration of Teeth:

Too much intake of tea or coffee or red wine

Eating foods which have residual pigments

Chewing of beetle leaves and tobacco

Excessive smoking can lead to discoloration of teeth.

Some medicines

Preventing Discoloration of Teeth

You can prevent discoloration by taking care of few things like avoiding the causes of discoloration of teeth as mentioned above. Drinking plenty of water, using toothpaste having mild polishing substance, eating things like guava, apple, carrot, cucumber. Also always rinse your teeth after eating and drinking anything.

Few Effective Homemade Recipes for teeth whitening

* Brushing teeth daily with Neem powder is an effective measure to keep the teeth healthy and white.

* Take table salt and rub your teeth with and rinse with plain water.

* Massaging teeth with powder of dried orange peels also makes them white.

* Using Sodium bicarbonate as the tooth powder replenishes the mineral content of the teeth and hence whiteness.

* Take ½ tsp of baking soda, a pinch of table salt and ½ tsp of vinegar. Mix and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on your teeth and rinse after few minutes. This recipe will make your teeth bacteria free and white. This is one of the most effective tooth whitening homemade recipes.

* Take ½ tsp of baking soda and 1or 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Use this mixture twice a week and see the results. This mixture may irritate your gums but it will not harm them.


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