Potty Training Tips

potty-training Often changing the nappies of your child might appear to be a frustrating job. Frequently parents eagerly wait for the day when the toddlers can readily use the toilet. Impatient parents might provide potty training to their kids, to put an end to the nappy changing menace.

When to start potty training

Despite your impatience, your child might not be ready to use the potty. Don’t force potty training on your child. Before starting potty training, check whether your child is ready to be acquainted to the bathroom habits. It is advisable not to start potty training before your child is two years old. Start potty training when your child can pull up or down his pants, has regular, soft bowel movement, can say words identifying urine or stool, and can understand when he is going to urinate or is having a bowel movement.

Potty Training

If your child is ready to receive potty training, buy a right sized potty for your child. Once a day, make you child sit on the potty. He should be fully dressed. There is no need to explain why he is sitting here. He can make him sit on the potty seat at any time, when he is likely to have bowel movement. If the child becomes scared, do not force him to sit. Instead, stop the potty training session for a few weeks, and then restart. Gradually remove the nappy and tell him what he is expected to do here.

To make him understand the link between potty and bowel, take him to the toilet when he makes his nappy dirty. Empty the nappy in the bowl and flush it. Encourage your child to tell you when he feels the urgency to relieve himself. Take him to the toilet and make him use the potty.

Potty training would take months to produce the desired result. At every step, you should be patient, giving your child the freedom to learn things at his own pace.


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