Popular Spanish Festivals

spanish-festivals Spain is famous for its colorful and vibrant festivals. Every city and village of Spain has its own flavor of festivities. To explore the culture of Spain, you should visit this wonderful country during its popular festivals.

The chaotic colorful Spanish Carnival is a treat not to be missed by anyone visiting this country. Santa Cruz, the capital of Spain’s Canary Island, is known as the Carnival capital of Spain. The Carnival begins sometime between middle February and early March. The streets become filled with performers in weird costumes dancing to the sounds of electrifying Spanish music.

Semana Santa
Sometime in early spring, Spain observes Semana Santa or the Holy Week. Although every Spanish city, town and village have its own version of the Semana Santa, but the most attractive procession is carried out in Sevilla, in Andalusia. Richly decorated floats carrying the 16th and 17th century images of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary march throughout the city, accompanied by jubilant beating of drums.

Las Fallas
On 15th of March begins the Las Fallas festival. Within a day famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects of Spain create giant sculptures crafted out of papier-mache and wood. As soon as daybreaks on March 16, every part of Valencia becomes packed with statues of politicians, celebrities and images of famous global events. The tone of the giant display ground is essentially satirical. On night of March 19, endless exhibition of firecrackers set all the sculptures, save one, ablaze.

Feria de Sevilla
Two weeks after the conclusion of the Holy Week, begins the colorful spring fair of Spain. You would find every Spanish destination becoming alive with the local spring fair but the fair at Sevilla is the most rapturous. The brilliant lightings of the expansive fair ground, also known as the Alumbrao, the colorful stripped tents or the Casetas and the scintillating Spanish music or Sevillanas are the integral part of the fair at Sevilla.

Las Hogueras de San Juan
From 20th to 24 June, the festival of Las Hogueras de San Juan is celebrated throughout Spain. The celebration centers on beaches with brightly blazing bonfires and fireworks lighting up the night sky. Alicante is most popular for the Las Hogueras.

Running of the Bulls
The city of Pamplona hosts the Running of the Bulls from July 6th to July 14th every year. The annual bullfight is a way of honoring Saint San Fermin, the son of Pamplona.

La Tomatina
At 11AM on the last Wednesday of August, residents of the quaint Spanish town of Bunol gears up for tomato fights. Men haul ripe tomatoes at each other literally painting the city red.


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