Places That Is Worth Shopping In Asia

asia Hong Kong

It is the land of the biggest and impressive shopping malls. It is perhaps the best shopping place in the worlds where you are bound to get stuffs in reasonable prices and with best service. Hong Kong also offers a huge variety for shoppers ranging from posh malls to the normal street lined hawkers. Visitors can equally enjoy the shopping environment as well as experience the fashion tide.
Since Honk Kong is a free port then most stuff from all over the world is custom-free except for alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. Every year you will find lots of seasonal promotions and sales which are indeed economical.


This place is regarded as a shopper’s heaven as it offers great discounts here. In this place you will find the prices are low, quality offered is high and the range and variety is also amazing. Goods like silks, gemstones, tailor made clothes and traditional handicrafts are all highlights of Bangkok. Shopping can be done in your convenient time the shops are open from early morning till late night everyday. In order to get most out of shopping in Bangkok then it would be good if you buy a shopping map.


It is a pleasure to shop in Singapore since it provides all visitors with designer boutiques, international and local departmental stores, bargain counters, cafes and restaurants. Many visitors come to Singapore just for sight seeing but ultimately at the end of the day hey land up with an extra bag or two. Singapore also organizes a mid-year sale which is indeed best time to go for shopping.

Kuala Lumpur

Shopping in this place is exciting and fun since the shops here offers variety and value. You will get everything here from shopping malls to departmental sores to hypermarkets to handicraft centers as well as duty free shops. There is a shopping carnival held in the month of October/November.


This destination is well known for stuffs like book stores, handicraft stores, antique shops and specialty stores which make customized shoes, lamp shades and furniture. Bargain hunting would not be complete until you come down to Manila where items are sold in bulk and jaw dropping prices.


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