Pitcairn Island Travel Tips

001pitcairn-island Many of us have not even heard about Pitcairn Islands. Nestled between New Zealand and Peru lies this idyllic island, which is one of the last existing colonies of Britain. The Pitcairn group of islands comprises of Henderson Island, which is one of the World Heritage sites of the Pacific region and Oeno and Ducei, two low-lying coral islands.

Getting here
If you are looking from an adventurous sea journey, only then plan your visit to Pitcairn. With no airstrip, you have to rely on boat, yacht or cruise to arrive in this island. The rough seawater makes anchoring a difficult task. Licenses are issued by the Pitcairn Island Administration, stationed in Auckland, New Zealand, granting permission to stay on the island. To visit the three atolls you must rely on the three aluminum boats shuttling around the island. The muddy paths of the island are unsuitable for walking. The best way to travel around the island is to ask a resident of the island to take you on a pillion ride.

When to visit
The hospitable climate of Pitcairn Island makes it suitable for year-round tourism. You could avoid the Island during November, the wettest time of the year. July and August, being the driest months, are perhaps the best time to visit the island.

Pitcairn Island attractions
If you love solitude, adventure and the panoramic beauty of a remote Pacific island, Pitcairn Island, should be your destination. The remote life on the island is far removed from the cosmopolitan lifestyle of most tourist hot spots around the world. There is not much to see on this island, other than its natural beauty.

The Pitcairn Island museum, in the capital Adams Town, houses artifacts belonging to the Polynesians and the Bounty mutineers, who later occupied the island. Flatland, which is a small plateau on the island, has picnicking facilities, and volleyball and tennis courts.  From the 300m high Garnet Ridge of the island, you will get a wonderful view of the western and eastern parts of the island. You can explore Gudgeon, which is a cave with a beach. When the sea is calm, the tidal pool of St Paul’s is a nice place to swim.  Henderson Island is a picturesque island, inhabited by several bird species.


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