Oral Contraceptive for Perimenopausal Symptom Treatment

oralcontraseptive Birth control is not the sole role of oral contraceptives. Women in the perimenopause phase benefit immensely from oral contraceptive pills. Oral contraceptives are able to counteract the adverse affects the body encounters with declining estrogen level.

Although, indiscriminate use of oral contraceptives for treating perimenopause symptoms is not recommended, but consumption of contraceptive pills under the supervision of your gynecologist can be beneficial.

There is no specific period for taking oral contraceptives to deal with premenopausal problems. If you feel that you are suffering from perimenopausal symptoms, you can ask your doctor to recommend oral contraceptives.

Oral contraceptive benefits

Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy, oral contraceptives are beneficial in reducing perimenopausal symptoms. During the perimenopause phase, the premenstrual syndrome might become worse. Also during this period, the menstrual cycle becomes erratic. Oral contraceptives are capable of relieving these perimenopause symptoms. Other annoying symptoms that a woman is likely to suffer as she nears menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia and irritation can be reduced with oral contraceptives.

Besides curing perimenopausal symptoms, oral contraceptives have some additional health benefits for women. As a woman advances towards menopause, her estrogen level dwindles. Estrogen triggers secretion of calcitonin, which is essential for maintaining bone mass. This ovarian hormone is also essential for preventing re-absorption of bone.  Oral contraceptives by replenishing estrogen prevent bone loss.

During the perimenopausal phase, fibroids might develop in the uterus. These tumors could be treated with oral contraceptives.

Oral contraceptives are found to be effective in preventing ovarian and endometrial cancers. However, to get these benefits of oral contraceptives, you should use them for at least two to three years.

Oral contraceptive side effects

Although, anyone with perimenopausal symptoms can take oral contraceptives, but women who suffer from migraine should stay away from these drugs. Oral contraceptives are capable of increasing the risk of stroke in migraine sufferers. Women who view aura during a migraine trigger and have several other neurological problems are most vulnerable to oral contraceptives.

The role of oral contraceptives in preventing breast cancer is debatable. However, if there are a few of cancerous cells in the breast, oral contraceptives increase the speed of development of the disease.

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