Nutritional values and benefits of blueberry consumption

blueberries1 Blueberries are actually flowering shrubs originating in North America. These fruits are cobalt blue with a tangy smell and syrupy taste. The sweetness of the fruit is influenced by the varying levels of acidity thereby imparting a piquet savor. Though its origination was basically in North America, today the blueberry shrub is being grown in a variety of countries like New Zealand, Australia and the nations of South America. Blueberries are used in the ,manufacture and production of many types and forms food such as muffins, pies, jams, jellies, dried berries, juice and puree. This is mainly because blueberries are full of nutritional elements and antioxidants which are beneficial for humans.

The value of each nutritional element in 148g of blueberries is as follows:

Manganese – 0.497 mg, Selenium – 0.1 mcg, Carbohydrate – 21.45g, Fiber – 3.6 g, Calcium – 9 mg, Magnesium – 9 mg, Iron – 0.41 mg, Fat – 0.49 g, Copper – 0.084 mg, Zinc – 0.24 mg, Sodium -1 mg, Potassium – 114 mg, Phosphorus -18 mg, Folate – 9 mcg, Vitamin B6 – 0.077 mg, Pantothenic Acid – 0.184 mg, Niacin – 0.619 mg, Thiamin – 0.055 mg, Vitamin C -14.4 mg, Vitamin K – 28.6 mcg, Vitamin E – 0.8 mg,  Vitamin B12 – 0mcg, Riboflavin – 0.061 mg, Vitamin A – 80 IU, Protein – 1.1 g and Energy – 84 Kcal.

Advantages and benefits of blueberry consumption

•    Prevents growth and multiplication of cancer causing cells due to the presence of antioxidants.

•    Reduction of old age problems also aided by the antioxidants in blueberries.

•    Visual retention is increased by a substance known as anthocyanoside found in the fruit. This element prevents early loss of sight.

•    Aids in the prevention of  infection of the urinary tract in humans

•    Anthocyanins present in large quantities in blueberries assist in the eradication of E. coli.

•    Pterostilbene aids in the reduction and maintenance of cholesterol levels in blood.

•    These fruits are also associated with diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It has been proven that the consumption of this fruit aids in the protection of the brain and prevention of undue stress.

•    Minimization of the threat of ovarian cancer in females is aided by the presence of Kaempferol in blueberries.

•    Diarrhea and also issues associated with constipation can be controlled by the consumption of this fruit.

•    Presence of the substance known as tannins in blueberries assists in the reduction of the inflammation of the digestive tract.


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