Naturopathy Treatment at Home

001naturo The stress and work pressure of our daily lives is leaving us dead tired and it seems that the life force is slowly seeping out. Natural healing is a very effective way of combating the stress and the resultant tiredness that is afflicting us. Naturopathy aims to heal us holistically without resorting to surgery or any synthetic drugs.

It helps to gain back our healthy and refreshed selves through the natural ways of herbs, yoga and calm environment. You can practice this holistic method of rejuvenation and relaxation even at home; you need not visit any expensive spa or resort to gain access to this wonderful way to a refreshed and energized life.

Practice various Treatments of Naturopathy at Home

What would you require?

* Your bathrobe and bathroom slippers

* A bath brush or any soft cloth to clean your body

* A soft towel

* Bath salt or essential oil

* Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer

* Lime water or Herbal tea

* The things required for the particular treatment you want to undertake

* A CD of your favorite soothing music


* Keep a day of the week reserved for indulging yourself in this soothing   method

* Try to relax without giving in to the anxiety and tension. Remember this is your me-time where you will try and not think about the tensions of your daily life.

* Ask your family members not to disturb you. A soothing environment and solitude without any external disturbance will have the calming effect that is necessary.

* Keep your cell phone switched off. This is a time meant for you so, there should be no diversion.

* Light scented candles and keep them in your bathroom. They will add to the soothing ambiance.

* Put on your favorite music and relax.

A few special tips

* Think that this is an alternative of the vacation that you have been planning for long. Therefore, keep aside all anxiety, tensions and relax thoroughly.

* Try and forget all the pending work that you need to do for the next few hours and relax. So, once you get back to work you will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

* The strokes of your hand should be gentle. Keep in mind that hurried strokes might lead to hurting yourself and thereby, add to your problems.

* Select an essential oil that suits your mood.


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