Natural Hair Packs

001hair-packs Many of you must have used one or the other hair care products available in abundance in the market. Majority of them have the tendency to produce negative effects on the health of your hair. You can easily make natural hair packs in the comfort of your home without having the need to spend big bucks on costly hair products.

Creamy Natural Hair Pack


– Two small spoons of Tart cream.

– Half spoon of wheat oil.

– One big spoon of juice of lemon.


Blend all the above mentioned components in a mixing bowl. Apply the mixture evenly on hair and wash it not later than fifteen minutes.

Eggy Hair Pack

This hair pack is specially recommended for people having oily hair.

Components & Technique

Take one egg. Thrash the egg and plainly put on your hair and spread it evenly. Wait for few minutes until it becomes parched and crispy. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and a suitable shampoo. Try this hair pack for two times in seven days and you will get rid of over dryness and oiliness from your hair.

How to Make your Hair Silky-Smooth

Components & Technique

Take three big spoons of olive oil and two spoons of honey. Muddle up all the components together and spread it evenly on your hair. Cover the hair with appropriate means and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash down with normal water.

How to Increase your Hair Quantity


– One spoon each of honey & vinegar.

– Take half cup of lukewarm water.

-A special type of hair spray usually available in market.


Combine all the components mentioned above in a jar and stir it thoroughly.  Rinse your hair with suitable shampoo and leave it for at least five minutes so that it gets partially dry. Afterwards, drench your hair with the mixture you have made. Rub down your scalp and wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes so that hair gets dried.


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