Marvels of Helsinki

marvels-of-helsinki If you are someone who loves to sit and watch the world around you while sipping coffee or hot chocolate from quaint designer chinaware, then Helsinki should be your destination. Helsinki with its café, architectural splendor and natural opulence is bound to win your heart. It will take you only 2 ½ hours to fly from London to Helsinki. This lovely Finish city has a large number of visual attractions.

You can explore Helsinki on foot or travel by tram. Different types of accommodations suitable for all types of budgets are freely available in this city. There are boutique hotels, designer hotels, grand hotels and private apartments for travelers. Most hotels in Helsinki offer saunas, which are a part of Finnish culture.

Places to visit:
Suomenlinna Fortress
This 18th century fortress is spread across six islands. Today it houses 800 residents. This UNESCO world heritage site has a number of museums, cafes and restaurants that are open to tourists throughout the year.

Historic City Center
The city center of Helsinki dates back to the 17th century. Among the several attractions of the city center, the most popular are the City Hall, Helsinki Cathedral, the Market Square, the Old Market Hall and the Presidential Palace.

Toolonlahti Bay
This is the favorite destination of both the tourists and the Helsinki residents as well. The colorful Winter Garden, the Finnish National Opera, the Finlandia Hall and the wooden villas of the Linnunlaulu district are the key attractions of the Toolonlahti Bay.

Beaches of Helsinki
The Scandinavian climate might not seem the perfect spot for swimming in the warm seawater and basking in the sun, but the beaches are a popular destination of locals and the tourists during the warm Finnish summers. Hietaniemi and the Seurasaari are popular beaches of Helsinki. Seurassari is also known for its open-air museum. This museum island of Helsinki displays Finnish culture and architecture, highlighting buildings from the 18th to the 20th century.

Linnamaki Amusement Park
The main attraction of the Linnamaki Amusement Park is the illuminated “Carnival of Lights” during the summer.


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