Manage your Time Prudently

time Time management:

It is a great skill in today’s’ society and every one is running behind it. You may very often fill that the days should have been longer to accommodate your huge schedule.

Well, yes you can lengthen the day by extending a few more hours. Does it sound impractical? However, it is not so in real practice. Eliminate the time wasting activities to extend a few more hours in the day that will be productive.

Thus it is extremely essential that you manage your hours very meticulously otherwise the entire day’s hard work may not pay off due to mismanagement of time.

List of things to do:

One of the best ways to manage your hours throughout the day is to maintain a list of all the “To do” activities. Allocate a specific time for every activity you enlist and try to abide by the time limit. This will help you to stay focused and will prevent wastage of valuable time remembering your next task.

Select your job cautiously:

In order to maintain your time the next thing you need to do is erase the non-productive activities that eat up a major part of your schedule.

Activities like watching TV, gossiping ideally over the phone, playing video games, etc. eat up a major part of your important time. Though they are forms of entertainment for you and helps to relax, still you should cut them short to fit them in your schedule.


Multitasking is another important way of saving time. This means to do more than one job at the same time. This might sound tough but if you practice it well it will be nothing more than a cakewalk for you.

For example; you can cut your vegetables or talk to your in laws over the phone while you watch your favorite chat show on TV. Thus, this means you are doing two different things on your list at the same time and saving ample time for another important job.

Sleep is a must:

You should never cut down on your good night sleep at any cost to save time. Sleep is the biggest energizer and helps you to keep fresh and going. It gives you the required energy to carry out the entire day’s work that you plan.

Technology your best friend:

Make use of technology at every possible point. This will make work easier and faster and will help you save your precious energy for the next job.


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