Make the Best Use of an Alumni Meet

alumni-meet Great things happen when you step back into your college where you studied and cherish all the memories of your good old days with your friends and lecturers.

Talk by Alumni

Allow some of the alumni to speak about their experiences in their college, the good, bad and the worst. By this feedback, you will know how to improve the college.

Fund Raisers

Alumina acts as the best ways to raise funds. It could be for the college or for charity work.


Alumina acts as good source of reference for the juniors and also the placement department of the college. Many of the juniors get their jobs on the spot or may be after a couple of meetings, if the senior is already in a good position. So don’t lose this opportunity to get maximum references.


Alumni meet acts as a good source of networking platform. All the people would have met their old friends working in different companies and each one can get to know the recent ups and downs in all the companies, the inner secrets of all the companies etc.

Remember! None of the alumni hesitate to help the college, because any day they love the college where they studied.

How to make this day interesting for the Alumni

Have Some Games Planned for Them

You can have your own themes or it can be any normal party games. The important thing you have to remember is the alumni also love to play and enjoy.

Good Food and Drinks

This is something which all of us love. So be ready with a very good menu.

Make the Alumni Speak

Tell the alumni to speak about their good old days. How they used to enjoy. What did they learn being in their college? Their experiences, etc….


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