Make a Beautiful Garden In Your Patio

garden Beautiful Garden In Your Patio

Terrace/Roof/Patio gardening is one of the most beautiful out come of urbanization. The increased pressure on land, busy life style, cost of living, pollution, climate change, alarming use of pesticides etc are making the common man rethink his negligence towards nature. It is high time we realize the benefits of plants and the importance of our interaction with nature, and terrace gardening is the easiest solution for this. Terrace garden can be a perfect place for you to distress, relax, enjoy and entertain.

1. Some prerequisites for your terrace garden

1.1 Obtain permission from your building association.
1.2 The terrace or roof must be strong enough to hold a garden
1.3 It should have enough slope or sufficient drainage chambers at various points for drainage
1.4 Precaution must be taken to avoid leakage of water in to your roof from the terrace garden.

2 Basic Lay out of a terrace garden

2.1 Terrace garden needs a detailed plan like any other gardens. It must have a proper balance of lawn, small trees, ground cover rocks, gazebo, water bodies and other artifacts which will make the garden gorgeous.

2.2 While choosing the plants, go for fiber-rooted plants rather than tap rooted plants, as the tap rooted plants may find their way out through your terrace causing cracks.

2.3 Make your terrace floor water proof by laying burnt bricks approx. 2″ – 4″ uniformly on the terrace and lay a wire mesh over it to prevent the soil to get in to the bricks. A plastic sheet can also be used at the bottom.

2.4 The soil should be used in such a way that it does not exert too much pressure on the building. Soil rite or peat moss is best soil for terrace garden as they are light in weight and are good growing medium. But they are expensive, so you can also adopt a mixture of garden soil, manure and peat moss.

2.5 Pipes for drainage should be placed at different spots of the garden and connected to the main pipe. Make sure that you hide these pipes.

2.6 You can make different heights in the garden by using soil and rocks

2.7 A well balanced terrace garden can be made by choosing different types of palms, money plants, flowering plants like sun-flower, vegetables like amaranths, coriander, fenugreek, lettuce, gourds, capsicum, chilies, tomato, ladies finger aubergine etc. Potted plants will also add character and beauty to the garden.

2.8 Fertilize them with the kitchen wastes and irrigate them with water.

Terrace garden purifies the air, helps reduce the effects of pollution, and provides a microhabitat for fauna and flora besides adding aesthetic beauty to your home. So bring the nature in to your home and enjoy its beauty sitting in your living room.


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