Luxury Train Travel in Africa

rovos One of the popular ways of touring Africa is to go on a luxury train ride. Fitted with private suites, luxury lounge and equipped with all sorts of modern amenities, the luxury trains will take you across the stunning landscape of Africa, with opportunities to stay in the safari lodges and explore the popular reserves of the region.

Blue Train and Rovos Rail are the two luxury trains of Africa.

Blue Train

The Deep blue colored Blue Train travels across South Africa, between Cape Town and Pretoria, at a speed of 60 miles per hour. The luxury travel is a reminiscent of the colonial opulence. Blue Train is comprised of two luxury trains. The first luxury Blue Train has 41 private suites, capable of accommodating 82 passengers. There are two types of private suites – Deluxe and Luxury.

There is a smoking and a non-smoking lounge where the travelers could relax and enjoy a drink and have complimentary snacks. It is equipped with a 42-seated dining car. The second Blue Train is similar to the first train in all respects, except that it has 37 suites that can accommodate 74 guests and a conference car attached to the train.

Rovos Rail

Rovos luxury train started its journey from 1989. Since then few luxury travels could match its splendour. Rovos Rail luxury trains travel across several routes. The short rides would take you from Capital Park station in Pretoria to Cape Town, traveling along the Garden Route and the Victoria Falls. The longer trips would take you further north of Africa to Dar es Salaam. The long rail routes travel through Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia and Zambia.

The coaches are remodeled hundred years old wood paneled classics. At different stages of the travel, the rail will switch from electric engines to steam engines. There are 36 suites capable of accommodating 72 guests. There is a smoking lounge, where 11 passengers can seat at a time. The non-smoking lounge can accommodate 26 passengers. The Rovos Rail observation car is fitted at the rear of the train. Here 32 guests can seat and see the stunning surrounding African landscape.


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