Love And Like – The Difference Between Them

love The Difference Between Love And Like :-

1. Love- is an emotion, an intangible feeling which cannot be held or quantified depending upon how one views it.
Like- is an emotion of attraction but it is not that overwhelming blinding of the senses feeling.

2. Love- is actually a deep investment of a person.
Like- is more basically related to a loan of a couple of bucks you may or may not get back and you don’t have to concern about it.

3. Love- is a strong connection between a male and a female or between two persons of the same sex.
Like- is a sort of having a crush on someone or something you admire of fancy.

4. Love- lasts forever if the two people who are involved in it have the rite bond.
Like- is a felling that might not last long depending on the person involved in it.

5. Love- if you look into the eyes of the person you love, you blush
Like- if you look into the eyes of the person you like, you smile.

6. Love- when the person you love cries, you too cry.
Like- when the person you like cries, you end up comforting.

7. Love- is power and a kind of positiveness what we all seek.
Like- is a regarded as a sweet and soft emotion. It is also positive but it does not carry much weight that love does.

8. Love- the feeling of love starts from the eye.
Like- whereas the meaning of like starts from the ear.

9. Love- is an uncontrollable and unconscious felling of association with someone.
Like- is also a feeling but not as strong as what love actually means.

10. Love- is just for that special and single person.
Like- a person can like one or more things and persons.

11. Love- When you see the person you love is suffering, it will hurt you as well.
Like- if you like a person, you enjoy being around with them but the pain doesn’t hurt you much.

12. Love- is being with someone you want to spend your entire life with and with whom you could not picture your life without.
Like- is when you just treat that person as a friend you could eventually love.

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