Long live the friendship

friendship What is Friendship?
When two people share a strong bond of mutual understanding, respect, trust and love then it builds a relationship called Friendship. For some, a friend comes even above the blood relations. A friend in need is the friend in deed.

Friendship is an understanding
There is no greater blessing than an understanding friend, who’s there in times of trouble and on whom we can depend. If your friend has the right to praise you for your good deeds than he also has the right to criticize you for your misgivings. This is because friendship is an amalgamation of beautiful and complex feelings as you neither have to weigh thoughts nor measure words.

Meaning of Friendship
Friends don’t express their feelings every now and then, to make each other realize the deep meaning of friendship.
In friends, you find the comfort of security and you feel safe. Whether good or bad, you’ll always find your Friend standing next to you, at all times.

The essence of friendship is Trust.
Searching for a true friend results in a futile effort, because trust doesn’t build easily. However, when you really find that true friend, then all your questions come to an end.

What is a friend?
Well a true friend is someone you can always rely upon. They are fun to be with. They make you laugh when you are down and take care of your fears and sorrows as if they are his own.

Your feelings for your friend
You make his normal days special. You turn your friend’s tears of sorrow into tears of joy. You fill the empty and hollow space into brighter place to live in. Happiness is the feeling you should share when you and your friends are together. Your secrets, private and personal, are best shared between you and your friend.

Friendship is so pure and essential that it is not visible to the eye, but felt by heart.

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