Important tips for Smoky Eyes Look

eye-makeup1 Eyes being the most expressive and the most beautiful feature on your face, influence your looks and personality to the great extent. Normally eyes of all shapes and sizes look beautiful. For enhancing its beauty, you can take the help of eyebrow shaping and the eye makeup. Routine Eye makeup should be simple and sober according to your personality. But you can go for loud and deeper eye makeup once in while, say for a night party. It is not at all difficult to attain this gorgeous look. You need little practice and little patience to do the trick.

You can create a smoky eyes look for your eyes following simple steps. To create this look, you need two shades of eye shadow; lighter and darker and complementing each other. Following are few tips to get the perfect look and gorgeous personality for that special evening.

Tips for Perfect Smoky Eyes

While going for smoky eyes look, keep the lips nude to accentuate the eyes. This will help draw all attention to your eyes. Keeping the both, eyes and lips loud will make you like a clown. With smoky eyes look, you should apply just little light color on lips and cheeks.

Eyebrows play important role in defining the looks of eyes. To match eth smoky eyes look, also intensify the eyebrows.

Apply eyeliner in little strokes and start from the centre of the lid, taking towards corners.

Apply the eye primer to prepare the base of the eyelid. Otherwise, eye shadow gets accumulated in the crease of eyelids.

If you find difficult to work with eyeliner, you can use eye shadow instead of eyeliner. Dab a wet brush in the dark eye shadow and draw a line.

Another important tip is to keep the dark eye shadow color below the crease of eyelid.


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