Important Items to be Carried in Your Vehicle

vehicle_papers1 Important Items to be Carried in Your Vehicle

Vehicles are always for comfortable journey and you can make your journey more easy and convenient if you carry certain things with you. You can expect a road side break down, accident etc on your way. You need a lot of things at that moment.

Important Items

1.    You must have your registration card, owner’s manual, insurance papers, driving license and pollution test papers with you.

2.    Your glove box must contain penlight and flash light with new batteries, road maps, few hand wipes and box of spare fuse.

3.    You must carry a spare tyre and it must be in good condition. A tyre jack and wrench must be there. You must learn to change the tyre so that it will help you in case of emergency.

4.    You must have protective clothes and gloves with you as it helps you in case of any problems. Soap and a bottle of water will also help you.

5.    Take a first aid kit always and it must have your regular medicines and check their expiry date.

6.    Keep snow tools with you in winter. Tools like a scraper, a small shovel, blanket, ropes etc will help you to move through the ice.

7.    Roll of vinyl tape will help you in emergency repairing of radiator hose and wiring.

8.    Jumper cables, safety reflector, spare fan belt, emergency road flares, large flash lights, a gallon of coolant are the necessities that you must have with you.

9.    A small hand tool kit containing screw driver, pliers, adjustable wrench is also necessary.

10.    You are not supposed to carry a fuel can in your vehicle because it may cause explosion if a collision occurs.

11.    Keep your phone books with you it might help you in case of road accidents.

12.    Keep a match box and candle in your vehicle as it will help you if your torches didn’t work.

13.    A can of water will aid you to quench your thirst and to supplement your over heated coolant.


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