How to take care of your laptop

care-for-laptop Taking care of your laptop is important so that you can use it to the best of its ability.Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Keep liquids and food away from your laptop. We all have the habit of sipping tea, coffee or juice while working on our laptops. However accidents do happen and if by chance your drink spills on your laptop it could cause severe damage to it. Short circuits can occur and permanently destroy it’s internal components. Similarly food crumbs may fall in between the keys and invite insects. Food and drinks will stain your laptop at the least and will make it look dirty.

Handle with care. Always use your laptop with clean hands. Do not try to pick it up with the screen. Always hold it by it’s base. Before closing the laptop make sure there are no objects on the keyboard. These objects will damage the screen. Close the laptop gently from the middle so that you do not put too much pressure on either of the hinges. Get your laptop cleaned and remove internal dust particles at least once a year.

Protect the power cord. Do not pull the power cord out of the socket. Place your hand on the power cord closest to the socket and take it out. Avoid placing your chair on the cord as well. To avoid such damage to the cord stick it to your desk with tape.

Use the correct socket for removable drives. Insert removable drives into the correct socket in the correct angle or they may get jammed. To avoid making mistakes check the symbol on your laptop which will tell you what the socket should be used for.

Avoid exposure to rapid temperature fluctuation. Always carry your laptop in it’s case. In extreme weather conditions do not on it as soon as you bring it indoors. Let the laptop get accustomed to room temperature. Do not leave your lap top in a car to protect it from extreme temperatures.


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