How to Surprise your Wife?

surprise1 Did you ever surprise someone? If yes, than you are already aware of the happiness and excitement that the person gets with a piece of pleasant surprise. Everyone loves surprises and your wife will be no exception. Just try out some small tricks to surprise her and be assured that you will be able to add a special flavor to your relationship.

Giving a gift to your wife in order to surprise her is a common act. However, the trick lies as to how you will give her the gift. You can surprise her by giving her the gift in a unique manner. For instances, if it is a small item than you can wrap it up and place it inside your wife’s hand bag. Once she opens it she will notice it and will be pleasantly surprised. You can place the item on your bathroom shelf. Generally, the first place she goes after she wakes up every morning is the bathroom. She is sure to notice it there. Another option can be to courier the gift to her office address. She can never imagine this before hand.

Apart from gifts there are several other ways of surprising your wife. Like, if you see that she is missing her parents or a close friend for quite some time, than make a small meeting plan. Call the respective person and share your plan. Tell them that you want to surprise her and ask them to come over to your place without informing her. This will be a wonderful surprise package for her and she will just love you for this.

You can also arrange other types of surprises for her. Household chores are most of the time a big time headache for the working women. If you can manage some time one particular day, than complete all the pending work for her before she reaches home from work. She will not only be surprised but also overwhelmed.

There are also other ways like planning a small surprise dinner for her, taking her out on a surprise trip, planning a sudden holiday, a sudden long drive, a surprise party dedicated to her, etc.

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