How to Stop your Feet from Stinking

smelling-feet When you take your shoes and socks off do your feet smell? Smelly feet are very embarrassing, especially when you are in public. When others catch a whiff of your feet they tend to move away from you. Smelly feet attract the wrong type of attention. Smelly feet happen because of bacteria that breed from the perspiration that builds on your feet and in between your toes. Foot odor is known as Bromodrosis. Bromodrosis lives in a moist, warm and dark environment commonly found in your feet. If you suffer from smelly feet don’t think that you are alone. Many people have foot odor. Here are some ways that you can prevent the odor from emanating.

There are several ways to stop your feet from smelling. One way to stop your feet from smelling by keeping them clean. Wash them on a regular basis. After you have washed your feet make sure to dry them thoroughly. Dry the top and bottom of each foot as well as in between your toes.

Always wear a fresh pair of clean socks. Cotton socks are a better choice than nylon socks. Alternate between the pairs of shoes that you wear. Make sure that you have at least two different pairs of shoes. If you wear the same pair of shoes everyday there is a greater chance of odor buildup. Try to wear open toed shoes if the weather permits. Also, if you shoes become wet, let them dry and air out before wearing them again.

If the shoes you are wearing begin to smell remove them immediately. If you wear a pair of shoes that smell the odor will carry onto your feet causing them to smell. If you have tried all of these suggestions but the foot odor still persists, go to your local drugstore to purchase an over-the-counter remedy. If even this does not work, you will need to visit your doctor or a podiatrist for treatment.


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