How to Stop Your Divorce

stopdivorce Divorce is about dissolving a marriage legally. Divorce rules differ in each country but the essence is same nonetheless. For some people, divorces do not hurt much because they were never involved in the relationship wholeheartedly. So divorce becomes a way to escape. But for couples who were madly in love once, divorce is a rollercoaster ride (in a negative way). Things get topsy-turvy; the only factor that remains intact is chaos.

If you are at the receiving end of separation and you seriously want to save the relation, follow the points carefully.

1. Never Try To Argue

Surely your nerves are at an heightened state thinking about how your life will change after the divorce is completed, therefore, in this perturbed state you try to argue and convince ‘why he/she should not divorce?’ . Remember, there are negative feelings which precede divorce. People don’t think of divorcing just like that. So the more you try to argue, you are increasing the negative vibes. Stop arguing, nagging, emotional outbursts, and pressurizing.

2. Never Disagree

By doing this, you will help your partner in analyzing their own negative feelings without even speaking a word. If he/she says- “I don’t love you any more”. Reply- “I know that and I accept it”. Saying so you are giving a positive feedback and subconsciously preparing your partner to get hold of what he/she is about to do.

3. Avoid Publicity

Most of the time people make the mistake of involving friends and family in order to change the partner’s mind. Take my word, this does not work. Yes, sooner or later the extended family will get to know but to use them as a tool is completely unacceptable.

4. No False Assurances

Do not tell your partner that you have changed! He/she can easily see through the pretension. People don’t change overnight. Saying so will make you look selfish as you are only worried about not hurting your feelings rather than caring for the feelings of the partner.

Just try to remain happy and tread the path carefully. If your partner understands, he/she will get rid of the negative impulses and stop the divorce. Otherwise, move on with your life.

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