How to start a business with Glass painting?

glass-painting Glass painting is an art. If you are creative by nature and you have a knack towards painting, you can always try out glass painting. No talent is ever wasted. If you master the art of glass painting, you can also start a business with it.

First of all learn this art properly. You can get yourself admitted to any training institute in order to learn this art. However, you should also have some amount of inbuilt creativity. You can also learn this art on internet. There are several sites that will teach you the real tricks of glass painting step by step.

For glass painting you require, glass frames, brushes of different size, glass marker and liner, colors, palate, etc. Buy all these materials and than start your work. Make some beautiful paintings of your choice and get them framed from a good place.

In order to make your place in the market you should do some initial investments. Initially gift your glass paintings to friends and relatives and tell them that you have decided to start a business. This will help you earn some reputation in the market. People will start recognizing your work and your fame will spread all over.

You need to do some initial publicity of your work. Print your own business card from a good place. Make sure that it is in sync with the business line you have chosen and also reflects your sense of good taste. Provide your correct contact number and address. You can also print brochures and leaflets and distribute them.

Decide what should be your prime focus. Do you want to teach others and open a training institute or you want to sell your products. If you want to establish a training center initially, than develop an idea about the fees structure and cost of the center in order to calculate your profit. Slowly you might also start selling the items that you make while teaching your student.

You can contact the corporate houses, gift shops, shopping malls, interior decorators, etc. for your business expansion purpose. The corporate houses generally buy such items in order to give gifts to their delegates and employees. Nowadays glass work is very much in demand for interior decoration. You can also organize your own exhibition to improve your business.


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