How to Spend Valentine’s Day

valentines-day Valentine’s Day is very special in every lover’s life. So make it as special as possible. The best gift your partner would expect you to do is spare some valuable time for them.

Get a nice greeting card for your partner or write a home made card on your own with nice wordings and paintings. If you are far away even an e-card will serve your purpose. Most importantly wish your partner on this day without fail and send cards.

Buy chocolates, candies and sweets which your partner likes and take it home. Your partner will be elated to see these things. Pick and choose only those things which your partner likes.

Take flowers and bouquet as a mark of love. It can be plastic ones, if you want them to be long lasting or a real flowers or bouquet.

Gift your partner with things what your partner has been yearning for, for a long time. This will be the most wonderful gift for your partner, since they would have waited for this for a long time and would absolutely know the feeling of waiting for something.

Make proper preparations for the Valentine’s Day well in advance. Remember your partner has been waiting for this day from a year.

Giving him/her a good massage would be the most romantic and sexiest idea you can think off. Scented bubble bath with your partner is another sexy idea I can think off. Have sex in water. This is a really wacky and superb idea to spend your day.

When you express yourself in front of her/him don’t forget the magic word, I love you. Express your partner’s looks and good things in the most romantic way you can put across to her/him. Making eye contact in love is very important. In your busy life may be you have forgotten to do this. So have eye-contact, this is the first step towards love. Use voice modulation to express your feelings. Don’t forget to have the magical movements of kissing, hugging, smooching, sex etc…

Have little amount of wine and sleep tight and have a nice valentine’s day.

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