How to Spend Time during Long Train Journey

train-journey Which one is your favorite a flight journey or a train journey? Of course, a flight journey is always good as it is very much time saving. You cover huge distances in no time. However, it is not possible to take a flight to all your destinations instead at times you will also have to avail the train. If you ask me, I will say that I prefer traveling by train to flight. There are various reasons to it and the most important one being that I love enjoying the scenic beauty outside the windowpanes.

I know many people who loath a train journey, as they cannot decide as to what to do during the period.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy a train journey:

You get ample time to enjoy the nature’s beauty while traveling through a train. Looking outside the window and feel the nature’s abundance on this earth. You will feel absolutely elated, am sure.

You can also carry some books or magazines of your interest. Reading is always a very good time pass. You will not even realize when you will reach your destination. Nowadays you may find it hard to manage time to read your favorite novel within the busy schedule.

If you are fond of music, try to carry a walkman or a portable MP3 player with some of your favorite tracks. You will see how time flies off.

You can also carry some good indoor games like cards, scrabble, etc. as they can be good time pass and you will also enjoy the journey. Nothing can be better than to enjoy some good games during the journey only if you have your family or friends along with you. You can also befriend your fellow passengers. Approach them with a conversation and if they are interested, you can have a long chat for quiet some time. This will help you pass time in an interesting manner and you will improve your networking likewise.

I am sure the next time when you travel by a train it will not be as boring as ever again.


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