How to Show to your Girlfriend or your Spouse that you Love Her

relationship31 Trust is the key for any relationship. So be very trustworthy. As far as possible don’t lie to her. If something goes wrong think that your spouse or GF is your best friend and discuss your problem with her. She will understand the situation and give appropriate solutions. If she gets to know about this through somebody else, then she may think that you are hiding things from her and she may think that you do not care for her anymore.

If you promise her something, try to keep up to that promise. Apologies can be sought about anything once or twice. You can’t keep apologizing for not doing things for her everyday. So try to keep up to your promises.

Every now and then make her feel very special. Not necessary that you need to spend a lot of money to say this. A tight hug, a gentle kiss, a soft touch may serve this purpose. For better effect you can give small gifts like flowers, cards etc.

At any cost don’t forget her birthday and your anniversary. If you do this, they will think you have absolutely forgotten everything in your life which is so very important for you both together.

Spend quality time with your GF or spouse. This is very important in any relationship. By saying quality time, I don’t mean both of you sitting in front of the TV and watching it, I mean have proper communication between both of you. If you are watching a TV show also comment about all the things there, laugh and enjoy, so that you have some sort of communication and laughter in life.

Hear to her words properly. Don’t keep working on your laptop when she is speaking and end up not knowing what she spoke. This may really hamper your relationship and on a long run break your relationship.

Respect her being with you. Don’t degrade her for anything. If you want changes in her, be vocal about your feelings. Never dump your work pressure on her. This will only destroy your relationship and does not help you in anyway.

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