How to Replace a Car Battery

changing-car-battery The battery of your car should be checked frequently and should be changed if required. Hence it is better to know about the process involved in the replacement of battery rather than being an ignorant about it. You can change the battery of your car on your own if you follow the below steps. While purchasing battery do not purchase a cheap one as it won’t last long. Branded batteries always last for long period and it won’t trouble you a lot. Branded batteries will have warranty also and choose batteries that have at least warranty for 60 months.

Changing the Car Battery

1.    Buy a battery recommended for your car model and your mechanic or auto parts dealer can help you in this matter. While purchasing battery ensures that the battery is fully charged. Never forget that you can recycle your old battery and can exchange for the new one.

2.    Use latex gloves while handling the battery to avoid the grease and dirt. Now open your car hood and find out the position of the battery. Battery will be connected through two cables, black cable for the negative and red for the positive end. First you have to disconnect the negative terminal and then the positive. Take the old battery from the position and notice the position of the battery while taking it up.

3.    Open the new battery pack and remove its bracket or outer frame and take the battery out.

4.    Make the cable terminals clean with wire brush. If it is corroded then use water and baking soda to remove the corrosion. Battery terminal cleaners are also available in market but it is expensive. They can scrape the inside of cable terminal and can expose the clean metal. If the cable terminals are damaged then you have to replace the cables.

5.    Now insert the new battery in to the position of the old one by keeping the respective position of the positive and negative terminals. Connect the cable terminals to the battery and care should be taken to connect the positive end to the positive and negative end to the negative. After connecting pull the cable ends and if it is not coming out then the connection is perfect.

Now start the car to check the battery connection.


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