How to Quit Smoking

quit-smoking They say if there is way to commit suicide in the easiest manner then one should try smoking. There are many evils of smoking and that is the reason why many people worldwide are working towards completely shunning smoking habits. You can either consult a doctor or you can even try to give up smoking on your own.

Remember that a strong determination is your most important tool. Never give into temptations easily. Try as hard as you can to gradually reduce on the no. of cigarettes you smoke.

Eating habits also help in reducing the temptation to smoke. Drink a glass of milk or something else that will keep you away from smoking. Whenever you feel like smoking either drink a glass of juice or pop a chewing gum in your mouth.

Make it clear in your mind that you will try your level best to give up smoking. A positive attitude is extremely important. If you think positive definitely you would be able to overcome anything.

Tell yourself each day that today you will smoke only 4-5 cigarettes and stick to it. And as days goes by you can reduce the number of cigarettes.

Do not put a cigarette in your mouth. Think hard whether this in any way will do good to you, whether you really need this, and why can’t you stop it? The whole idea is to make oneself guilty of smoking. The more you feel like a hangdog the sooner you would be able to quit smoking.

Once you are successful in quitting smoking you should commit yourself to be a non-smoker. Talk to your friends and relatives about it. This will make you feel much better. As they congratulate you, not only will your confidence boost up also you will feel like a winner.

If possible try to give support and suggestions to other non smokers on how to kick habit of smoking and help them get rid of smoking.


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