How to Play with a Parrot

001parrot-playing Parrots are intelligent and are sensitive too. They will enjoy playing with you and you can explore the skills in your parrot by playing with them. You can stimulate your pet’s capabilities by setting games that matches her skill.

Games for Your Parrot

1.    Parrots would lie to play with toys. You have to give them a small ball and show them how to toss the ball by tossing it to the bird. Many of the parrots will learn to toss the ball while other would like to fetch, catch or picking it up.

2.    Sit near a table with your parrot on the table. Put a big bathing towel over your head with your hands inside the towel. Then your parrot will rush to the edge of the towel and lift it with its beak and will slip in to the towel to remain with you.

3.    Keep your parrot on your shoulder and move fast with in the room. Then your parrot will also try to keep its balance.

4.    Allow the parrot to sit on your arms and shake its legs gently. Move your hand to make the figure eight or move up and down. Then the parrot will flap its wings and it will be a good exercise for your bird.

5.    Give your parrot a medium sized box and also put a compact mass of newspaper inside the box. Then the parrot will rush in to the box and chew the paper. When it is busy with chewing take a shiny ladle from the kitchen and tap the side of the box with it. This will divert the attention of your pet and it may react nicely. Tap the ladle closer and closer and this might give a complete puff out. You can repeat this with different types of kitchen utensils.

6.    Parrots usually like talking and they want you to talk to them and also they like the sound of the laughter. Then they will contribute their own sounds and it will be a great fun for both of you and your bird.

Offer your parrot a lot of toys when it is alone. This will help them to spend time by playing on their own.


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