How to play cupid for your best friend

cupid1 Did you ever play a cupid for your best friend’s relationship? Are you sure as to how you will handle it all without messing it completely? If not then let me help you a little.

Talk to your friend: Did you recently notice some changes in your friend. Is it as if she is a little unmindful or restless? Did you notice that lately she has been speaking of someone frequently? Well something is fishy don’t you think so? No its nothing serious it is just plain and simple love. She is love struck. Talk to her and try to know the status.

Status: When you speak to her, you will know what she feels like. She might tell you that the person she loves is not yet aware of her feelings and she is confused as to how to disclose her feelings to him. Now its time for you to step into the scene and help her out.

Suggest her: Talk to her openly and try to know the situation. If you feel that her feeling is genuine and there seems to be some chances of positivity from the opposite side too than instruct her as to what she should do to carry out the next step. Try to give her ample confidence if she is lacking so, in order to confront the situation. Encourage her to talk to him openly and if she is too shy, she can write to him.

Step in: If you see that you friend is completely shaken and too timid to disclose her feelings you go ahead and talk to the concerned person on her behalf. Make him aware of your friend’s feelings and also try to analyze his feelings in the same place. However if he is already known to you than the work becomes much easier to handle, which otherwise will be a little tough.

Convey the message: act as a message bearer and convey his message to your friend. If it is positive and everything is as per the plan, you have framed than you have all the reasons to celebrate. However if it is negative you just need to explain it to your friend calmly.

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