How to Make your Spouse Realize that She/ He is Important for you

spending-quality If you are out on a trip with your colleagues or friends make sure you are communicating with her in one way or the other. She/ he will feel that you have missed him/her even when they are not around.

Respecting your spouse is very important in any relationship. The day you stop respecting, your spouse will think that, that particular relationship is coming to an end.

Whatever may be the reason, don’t loose contact for a long time. Your feelings may come to an end and you may start having fresh feelings for someone else. So always keep in touch.

Express your exact feelings for her every now and then. This not only makes her feel important it refreshes your relationship also. Keep praising for all his/her good qualities; it could be their looks or something else. Everybody likes to be flattered. So occasionally flatter her/him a little, so that they are filled with joy and happiness and spread the same joy and happiness in the family also.

Don’t assume things for yourself. What ever it is before taking a decision, discuss it with your spouse. You should never take decisions on your own without discussing. They will feel that they have become less important in your life, if you do so.

Intimacy to a large extent is very important in life. It could be just communication, a touch, hug or sex, repeatedly have it, so that you feel you are very intimate to that person? Spending quality time with your spouse is very important for your relationship.

Occasional gifting can be a good way to tell her that you love her. If you feel you are loosing her in your mind, keep telling to yourself, that you love her and that feeling will automatically come to you.

When you are in a relationship, be very sincere. Never flirt with other men and women. This may end the beautiful relationship which you already have.

If you can help her/him in anyway in times of difficulty be the first to do. Never hesitate to give a helping hand.

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