How to make low fat Banana Ice cream

banana-ice-cream1 There is easy recipe to prepare delicious low fat banana ice cream. Besides being tasty, it is a healthy option.

Utensils You need to prepare Banana Ice Cream

You will need Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, Blender, Ice cream Maker and cups to store the ice cream.


Refrigerated Evaporated Milk – 1 Can

Sugar – 1 /2 Cup

Vanilla – ½ tsp

Water – ½ Cup

Frozen and sliced Bananas – 3

Roasted peacan – 1 Cup

1 Packet Knox Gelatine


1. Pour one can of refrigerated milk, ½ cup sugar, ½ tsp vanilla in the blender and mix them thoroughly. Let the mixture stay in the blender.

2. Take ½ cup water and pour one package of Knox Gelatine in it. Heat the water a while to mix the gelatin. Stir it until Gelatin dissolves.

3.  Then pour this gelatin solution in the ice cram mixture prepared in blender.

4.  Now start adding bananas to the ice-cream mixture still in blender. Make sure add bananas one by one. Let the one banana mix properly with the mixture before adding more. Adding all the bananas at a time would mess up whole of your work.

5.  Now it is the time to freeze the Banana ice cream. Pour the mixture in the ice cream maker. It will take around 20 minutes to freeze the mixture.  If you do not have ice cream, maker, you can refrigerate it in the freezer also.

6. After the ice cream freezes, top it up with roasted peanuts or any other nut you like. But make sure to add only one kind of nut to maintain the banana flavor.

7. Presentation of a dessert is as important as the flavor. You can be creative when presenting it. Pour the ice cream scoop in a long ice cream cup and top it up with the slices of banana and have some slices with banana peel to add the color to the decorations. Also you can pour chocolate chips at the top.


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