How to Make Homemade Bird Food

001bird-food Home made food will be the best for your bird. If you buy food for birds then sometimes the food you are purchasing might be made up of low quality nuts and it may contain aflatoxins which are poisonous to birds. If you make of your own food you can avoid such problems. You can also add the left over of your kitchen like the crackers, bread crumbs, cooked rice, paste and other healthy ingredients.

Tips to Make Bird Food

1.    While choosing ingredients for your bird food you must take care that you are not taking any substance that contain alcohol, caffeine, avocados, chocolate, lima beans, fava beans etc. Also avoid the whole peanuts. Instead you can add hulled peanuts of good quality. It’s good to avoid too much salt, fat and sugar in your bird’s food.

2.    Ask your veterinarian about the species of bird that you own and their requirements. Because every species have different requirements. Some of them need more fat in their diet while others needs less. According to your bird’s need you can make changes to your recipe.

3.    You can make fruit salads for your bird and also try with a vegetable salad. Some birds may like to have cooked vegetables and fruits. While making this ensures that the vegetables and fruits are washed and devoid of the traces of pesticides.

4.     Give then a good treat of eggs weekly. For this you have to take three whole eggs along with the shells. Mix corn meal with the eggs. Take some cooked fruits, vegetables, and apple sauce and mix them well. Now add this mixture of vegetables and fruits to the egg mixture and bake it for twenty minutes. When it gets cool feed your bird with this delicious treat.

5.    Occasionally feed your bird with hulled sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, niger seeds etc.

You can also include commercially available pellets in your bird’s diet along with your home made food.


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