How to Make Beautiful Glass paintings

glass-painting Glass painting

Glass painting is an art that originated in Italy but flourished in Australia. It is simple but it looks gorgeous. Glass is the only medium that provides the effect of light to the painting. Glass painting can be done on windows, doors, wine glass, and crockery or a piece of glass and can be used as a decorative piece on your wall. They have high value as a gift.

Tips to make a glass painting

1. Decide the art object on which you are going to paint and clean the surface using alcohol or glass cleaners

2. Select the paints based on the piece you are working. If it needs frequent washing then go for a bake on paint. If it’s a decorative item you can choose an air dry paint which can be baked to increase the life span. Transparent and opaque paints are also available and it helps to give effects

3. Before painting follow the instructions given on the paints, as some of them requires a coating before or after coloring. Some others can be applied directly. Methyl based paints will give more brilliant colors but are dangerous.

4. Paints are available on a wide range of prices. Purchase a branded paint that is durable and gives you the desired effect. Only a small quantity of paint is required to make a painting because the glass surface won’t absorb paints. These paints can be used over a period of time and you can make a number of paintings too

5. Select a well ventilated room for doing your art work as it protects you from the fumes and smell of the paints.

6. Make an outline of your picture on the glass using a brush or glass paint liner or marker

7. Any kind of brush, synthetic or natural can be used to spread the paint in desired directions

8. Fill each section of your picture separately, so that colors won’t get mix-up in between.

9. Before moving to the next section make sure that section you painted is dry.

10. Keep the paint bottles close as far as possible because it protects the paint from drying.

11. Different types of mediums like frost medium, iridescent medium and crackling medium or different types of foils, beads etc can be used for making effects to the painting

12. You can place a crushed aluminum foil over your decorative painting and frame it. This will provide a shining effect to your painting

13. Keep the tools clean with cleansing agents, soap and water

You can decorate your house with your own paintings. Glass painting kits are available now and it makes your work easier. These paintings will last long. Now a days Glass paintings have high export value and this is a good reason to select it as a business.


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