How To Lower Blood Pressure

lower-blood-pressure Blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is the increased pressure of the blood in the blood vessels of the system. There are no symptoms of this ailment until it is too late and a lot of damage has been caused over a period of time. The only way to detect that you have hypertension is to have s regular checkup at least twice a year. Then take remedial measures if you find that you have high blood pressure.

The normal readings of blood pressure are as follows:

The upper reading on the systolic pressure should be 100 mmHg plus your age and the lower must be between 80 – 90 mmHg on the Sphygmomanometer. If your doctor informs you that you have hypertension you should resort to the following measures to control it.

To begin with you should do away with your sale intake. Salt is poison for hypertension patients. Salt is an acquired taste and you can easily wean yourself off sale in a matter of two months. It is best that you keep your salt intake to a minimum.

You will also need to cut back on greasy foods. This means less oil and fats which, also includes processed foods. Now you don’t have to starve yourself, do indulge once in a while, but abstain as much as you can. Red meats are a big no-no. Go for the white stuff, fish, and chicken if you really have too, but again reduce the oil.

If you smoke and drink you have bad news coming your way. Give it up. A peg or two every evening is ok but drink in moderation and don’t smoke.

If you are overweight, you should take to some moderate exercise to lose some of the flab. Exercise, such as walking or riding a cycle is very good for hypertension patients. However, remember to stop if you break out in a sweat.

Meditation is the final step. You must, without fail take the time off to sit and meditate. Practice some yoga as you get up in the morning. Remember that you must not practice yoga for at least 4 hours after eating so when you get up every morning that is the best time to meditate. Some easy breathing exercises will work wonders for you. Practice the above-mentioned lifestyle and in a matter of weeks your Blood pressure will be under control.


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