How to keep a track record of important dates

imp-date1 How many times have you forgotten to pay your bills in time or worse your credit card payments in time? And the only plea is that “It just slipped my mind”. Well this disease is not only affecting your time but also your wallet as you have to pay heavy penalty in case you get late in making late payments.

It is a very serious issue and takes away our money, unnecessarily. And even after committing this mistake time and again, we tend to repeat it, although unknowingly.

Make a Record

Your telephone bills, your electricity bills, your credit card payments have a specific date and they are usually paid on that date. Note these dates either in your calendar or on your electronic planner or on the reminder section of your mobile. Just try this out and all your worries regarding payment of bills will vanish.

Our human mind cannot control all the functions at one time. Hence it’s always better to delegate the responsibilities function wise and become a smart player.

You must note down your other important dates in the similar fashion.

Your interview date

Although its unforgettable, still making a note of it on the mobile phone gives you a freedom to prepare for your interview better and hence perform better, as the lesser the tensions, the better the performance.

Business Meetings and Trips

All those people who can afford, maintain a secretary, not to assist in their work but to keep a track of all what has happened and what has to happen. It’s the job of secretary to make a note of all the business meeting, etc. however, this task can be done by you as well.

Just jot down the time, date and venue of the meeting either on your laptop or on the planner.  Also include the purpose of meeting and the person with whom you have to meet to make the job easier for you.

Same can be done for insurance Premiums, Renewal of Insurance, car-servicing, children vaccination date and all other important dates.


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