How to improve the closeness of your relationship

cl Maintaining a good healthy relationship is as hard as finding the right person for yourself. Simply because you have found the right person, do not assume that everything will fall into place. It is this attitude after marriage that makes many marriages loveless and unhappy. Remember that you need to work on your relationship and nurture it each day. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Respect each other.

Respecting each other, no matter what faults you have discovered in your partner will help you to create a deep bond which is fulfilling. This is easier said than done as it means that you should be willing to put the others need before yours. If both pay attention to this, it will be a fair balance of give and take. Treat your partner with respect and kindness always as it will become a habit after a while and you will not have to put so much effort to do so later.

Find a friend in your spouse.

This is the best way to keep both of you together as your need for each other will then outgrow your attraction towards each other which will not last for very long. Your spouse is the person you decided to spend your life with and has seen you at your best and worst anyway. So open up to your partner and discuss what ever is on your mind. Give each other time to speak and listen equally.

Find activities that interest both of you.

You both may be very different which is what makes one attractive to the other. However you can find something  which both of you enjoy doing and this can be a fantastic way of doing something you like while spending time with your loved one as well.

Think back to the times when you first met and what you two used to do together. Take out those old photographs and go through them together. Talk about happy times and bring back the old magic which made you want to spend your life with this particular person.

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