How to Have Shining Hair

shining-hair Everybody wishes to have nice hair but because of various reasons, we are not able to maintain luxurious hair. We need to take care of our hair and devote some time to it in order to have nice hair.

First of all it is necessary to have a clean scalp. For a clean scalp use shampoo daily. But by using shampoo on a daily basis may lead to hair dryness. Dryness in the hair can be removed from a gentle massage with oil. The oil may be Eucalyptus oil, coconut oil or mustard oil. Massaging it before bath and then shampooing it will lead to clean and healthy hair.

Mixing lemon in the oil and then massaging hair results in shining and healthy hair.

Use of Henna and egg on an occasional basis will help in keeping the hair shining and luxuriant. There are many conditioner available in the market. A good conditioner also helps in keeping the hair luxuriant. The conditioner must be kept on the hair for 2 minutes, so that it gives the optimum results. Henna can be mixed up with curd and lemon and applied once in a week for shining and healthy hair.

The above are the external methods to keep the hair healthy and beautiful but there are internal methods also which helps in keeping hair healthy. Taking proper care of your health helps in keeping the hair healthy and luxuriant. A person should drink a lot of water. A person should drink at least 4-5 litres of water on a regular basis. Taking Vitamin A, C and E on a regular basis also helps in keeping the hair healthy.

If a person is busy then he can take simple measures in order to keep the hair healthy. One should use shampoo for bath and massaging hair with oil on an occasional basis helps in keeping the hair healthy.

Taking simple measures as given above helps in maintaining shining and healthy hair.


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