How to have quick nutritious meals

quickmeal Often some of us are so busy that we do not have the time to sit down to have a proper breakfast or lunch.

The stress of a tight schedule often makes us skip our meals or switch over to high calorie foods with low nutrient content, such as, chips and chocolate bars.

The result is that sooner or later our body will suffer due to the lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

The challenge lies in meeting the nutritional requirements of the body in the middle of a tight work schedule.

Quick nutritious breakfast

Don’t start you day by skipping the breakfast. If you can’t manage a sit-down breakfast, go for a portable breakfast. A piece of cheese tucked inside two brown breads and a carton of juice can be easily carried and eaten on your way to work.

Granola bar is an excellent breakfast food that could be bagged and eaten on the way. You can also include come fruit yogurt, pieces of dried fruits, apricots, dried prunes and apples in your portable breakfast.

Healthy lunch

As soon as you are immersed in your daily office work, you might find it difficult to have time for a nice luncheon. You can have a light lunch with cheese, crackers, yogurt and fruits. Stash your drawer or locker with nuts, cereal bars, crackers, packaged milk and vegetable or fruit juices.

Preparing a quick dinner

After returning from work, you might be too tired to cook a nice dinner. Be prepared to rely on frozen foods and commercially prepared ready to eat foods that will help to have your dinner ready in half an hour. It is easy to prepare a meal rapidly.

Your microwave oven would come handy in such circumstances. Cooking the potatoes and other vegetables or grilling the chops will be accomplished within a few minutes with microwave cooking. Add whole grain rolls and breads to your meal and a nutritious dinner will be ready for you.


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