How to Have a Beautiful Bamboo Garden in Your Home

bamboo_garden Bamboo

A bamboo is a grass having high ornamental value. It can be of various sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet tall. Depending on their height they can be used as a ground cover, border plant, screen or wall. You can also plant it in containers.

Two Types of Bamboo

Bamboos can be grouped in to two, Clumpers and Runners. Clumpers normally prefers a tropical climate and runners a temperate region. Clumpers have a restricted root structure and they can be controlled from spreading. Runners diffuse by underground rhizomes and can emerge after covering a long distance. So care must be taken to control their spread.


Select a place that is having full sun to part shade. The planting area should have enough water, but the area should not be water logged. Bamboo prefers a soil pH of 6-6.2. Adopt spacing between the plants depending up on the desired need of the planter. However bamboo won’t get affected by close spacing. It prefers a stalking and wind barrier in its initial stage of growth.

Care to be Taken After Planting

a. Mulching
Bamboo prefers a winter mulching and protection from chilled wind in colder climates. Mulching in summer will help the plant to hold water.

b. Fertilizer
It requires good fertilization. Organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen is more beneficial.

c. Control against Spreading

Bamboo require regular root pruning to control the spreading of the plant. Even barriers having good thickness can be used to avoid the spreading. To avoid deep rhizome growth you can make trenches around the plant.

d. Topiary and Pruning
Topiary and pruning is essential to maintain a healthy bamboo. Pruning of old and damaged culms will give enough space to the new and young ones. It also helps to keep the base clean. Topiary will help to restrict the height of the culms and helps to give the required shape.

e. Watering
Bamboo requires regular watering in the initial stage. Well established ones can tolerate drought and flood to some extend.

f. Weeding
Bamboo is scared of having competitions from weeds. Proper weeding is essential.

You can work out even a bamboo forest in your house. Bamboo once flowered will not live long. These bamboos can be used to make fencing and bamboo accessories. Bamboo is used to make carpets, mats, plate, furniture, flooring, wall paper etc.


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