How to Handle a Free Spirited Partner

free-partner1 If your partner is fiercely independent and is a wild soul, you may need to make many adjustments. Rather than complaining about him or her here’s what to do so that you and your partner are both happy.

Let the small mistakes go: If you keep complaining about everything that he or she does, they may try to get away from you even more. Instead make it clear as to what is most important to you and make sure you are given that. This way you can come to a fair compromise. Think about your priorities for your relationship and talk about it. This way you choose your battles wisely.

Join in or make your own plans: Make an effort to enjoy what the other does. You might actually enjoy it. You should at least try. If not go off on your own when the other has. Do what makes you feel happy instead of sitting at home and feeling neglected.

Do not make rules: Avoid making rules which will make the other feel that you are trying to tie him or her down. Talk about it when the need arises or it might seem like there is no space for discussion. Restrictions will make them run the other way.

Get to know them: The more you pay attention and understand the person you will know how to tackle them. Find out what they really need. Free spirited people like being alone but like anyone likes to be loved. So get to know them thoroughly. They will feel that you are the only one who truly knows them. Nothing works better with a free spirit.

Appreciate your partner: Free spirited people want to be trusted, appreciated and accepted as they are. If not they feel that their freedom is threatened. Appreciate their independence. Trust your partner with all your heart and watch your relationship grow.

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