How to do Nail Manicure at Home

mani1 Beautiful nails are desired by all. Although doing nail manicure takes some time but if you do it properly the results can be very pleasing.

Getting a manicure treatment done in the beauty parlor might be very expensive, in such a case you can always shape and manicure nails sitting within the confines of your home. Below are given some of the tips on how to groom your nails.

Work on Cuticles

The step to have beautiful nails is to make your cuticles even. At least once in a week you should apply oil to your cuticles and massage well. This will make them soft. You can even apply hair conditioners to your cuticles and soak your fingers in lukewarm water.

Now with a soft piece of moist cloth gently push back the cuticles. It is strictly advised that you do not cut cuticles as they protect your nails from bacterial infections.

Shaping the Nails

To trim your nails clip your nails from the sides only. Then file the natural nails in square shape and smoothen out the ends in round shape properly. It is advisable to always file nails in one direction rather than in different directions which will cause splits.

Moisturizing Nails

If not moisturized properly even nails become dry, brittle and thus break easily. Climatic changes affect the condition of nails to a large extent. Apply cuticle oil to nails and cuticles so that they not only remain soft but also remain protected from dryness and ruptures. Olive oil is also a good option especially for weak nail.

Nail Polishing

Polished nails look extremely pretty. So to add shine to your nails paint them. Your nails look neat and also elegant. Enamels make your nails stronger and improve their appearance as well. To apply enamels you can make use of the ridge fillers.


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